Over The Phone Boyfriends

Ever since Niteflirt emerged over 15 years ago, phone sex has been revolutionized. You can now scroll over thousands of real women who are home alone, and call them as and when it pleases you. Personally, I joined the site out of both curiosity and the need to make an extra coin. I had heard about phone actress jobs from home and that there were many PSO companies out there. I started small at Niteflirt, initially with a nice guy I met on the site. Everything started normally and he initially paid me via payment apps.

But as we liaised more and he called more often, we started developing a genuine friendship. At times he’d call me not just for sex, but to also check out on how I was doing. He as caring, cool, composed, and I found myself opening up to him more and more. One day, I told him that was a student and that I was troubled as I needed a certain text book. And alas, he immediately sent me $300 which he said was for the grad textbook. It was unbelievable; I had never made or earned that kind of money as a cam girl in a day! And as our friendship progressed, he asked me how much I paid for my rent to which I told him that I paid $1675 monthly. He didn’t just send me that amount; he went on to pay my rent each month even without me asking him to. He made me feel like the only woman in his life.

We’d talk endlessly each day and he was very okay taking care me although we hadn’t yet met. From my rent to groceries, to the car note, and all other expenses, he paid for everything on time and with passion. I went on to enroll for Yoga certification all thanks to his generous provisions. He’d send me not less than $2500 each month, for a whole year.  In all my life, I had never met a boyfriend who was as caring; in fact, my experience with him as a phone boyfriend was sweeter than anything I had experienced with a real boyfriend. The climax of it all was a vacation he paid for me to Costa Rica!

Within the one year that we dated, my life dramatically changed; I could afford the fine things in life and as they say, I was eating from life with a big spoon. And this must have clouded my judgement because with time, I started taking him for granted. Not sure whether it’s I who failed to give him the attention I had showed him, or he came across more beautiful, sexier girls on Niteflirt. What I do know is that he started sending lesser and lesser money. He’d still pay my rent as before, but not for the additional little things I was so used to. We didn’t talk longer like before and everything just faded with time. I still have fond memories though, and still hopeful that I’ll hook up with another nice boyfriend on Niteflirt.