Why Get Trained To Be a PSO

Why Get Trained To Be A PSO

Once upon a time, I was just a naïve beautiful girl with a dream, but no means to make it a reality. I didn’t know much about phone Chat-line jobs or how to excel at it. And even after I decided that I wanted to become a phone sex operator, I lacked the crucial info on the dos and don’ts. At one point, I worked for a phone sex company that paid me 10 to 50 cents per minute and even then, most calls didn’t last long. It was frustrating to say the least, and troubling at worst; I had bills to pay and a lifestyle to sustain. But like things would have it, a friend told me about TLC and the professional training that they offered to upcoming phone sex operators.  It’s at this point that my life changed, for the better!

Why get trained to be a Phone sex operator by Total Lip Service?

From my own experience, I learnt that the phone sex and webcam industry is very wide and dynamic; more than mere experience will teach you. There were times I found myself struggling to understand some terms and acronyms, yet the caller on the other end would expect me to be well versed on such. I remember the first time a client confessed to me that he has a fetish for Fimdom, I was as confused as I was clueless! It was only much later when undergoing training at TLS that I came to learn that Femdom, better known as financial freedom is the dream of every cam girl; it pays handsomely. I learnt about other fetishes in the industry, and also how to dress up perfectly for any occasion. TLS training also opened my eyes to another reality; I didn’t have to lie or act up like someone I wasn’t! That is, no need to speak or act like a teen if I’m not one; as a MILF, there are hundreds of callers on any given day looking for an encounter with an older, mature woman with children! I always tend to view this as perfect branding as it helped me be more confident in myself.

Professional training is also vital as it helps you have a better profile and bio. The kind of callers you attract will greatly depend on how good your bio is; if you describe yourself well, chances are that you’ll get serious callers who call for longer and more often. Most upcoming webcam girls tend to be taken advantage of by the companies they work for; these companies tend to keep more of the profit generated. But when you’re professionally trained, you’re able operate independently and earn so much more. TLS has a course known as ‘How to navigate niteflirt’; it enabled me learn everything I needed to about how to code, have my profile at the top of the front page, and so much more.  And not surprisingly, phone sex operators who’ve undergone professional training at TLS tend to retain callers more than those that haven’t. This is because they tend to have not just the skills, but also the etiquette needed to reassure callers and give them a unique personal experience.

For more details on TLS and the items they sell to phone sex operators, just get in touch today. Here’s where ordinary cam girls are turned into professionals.