Instantly Downloadable Erotic Bio Content

Welcome to the TLS Erotic Bio Store!

Erotic bios are incredibly important when it comes to the caliber of callers you get.
This is not a task for amateurs. Writing Erotic Bios takes a great deal of time, skill, and in depth knowledge of the phone sex customers.

The Bios we have available for you have been written by a team of trained experts to get clients who will spend the most money with you.

There are countless triggers and strategies used in these bios that will ensure to get you the absolute best results. All bios can be downloaded immediately upon purchase.

100% Original Erotic Bios

"I love that these Bios are instant, but what if someone has my same Bio?"
The great thing about these instant Bios is they are all 100% Original.
Once you buy, no one else will have your EXACT bio. They can also be modified to fit your individual model.
What we have done is create the foundation for a money making bio. You can add whatever extras you want!

How to Select the perfect Bio for you

The Bios have been separated by Character Type & Niche
(If you are not familiar with these terms and their meanings we recommend taking the Phone Sex 101 Training.)

You match your bio up with your model.
When you chose from the TLS Model Store, they come with suggested Niches. The bios are organized the same way. Use your model’s niche to select the perfect bio for you.
For example: If your model is a Barely Legal Submissive, you will need to choose from the Barely Legal Submissive Bio Category. Purchase it and download it instantly. Have at it!

We have added triggers to all bios to draw customers in. Adding things to your bio is 100% okay. Just be careful what you take out.

If you are interested in a premium service, we also offer a custom-made erotic bio

Each $29.99 bio is approx 150-175 words
There is a NO REFUND policy on all bios.
We will restock on Bios Regularly.

In the event that you want a bio that we are out of stock on- email us at and we will take care of you.