About Us

Our Story

The Founder of Total Lip Service, Stephanie Cathcart has been a Virtual Sex Worker VSW (Phone Sex Operators (PSOs)/Cam Models) for over 7 years. At the age of 23, Stephanie began making Six Figures a year with as a Phone Sex Operator.

"Many of my friends wanted to know how I made so much in so little time with camming and phone sex, so I began teaching my skills one by one. Once a lot of my friends hit six figures I knew my methods worked." - Stephanie

December 2015 The World's First Sex Work Academy was launched.
Since launching, Total Lip Service has empowered thousands of women and men to not only embrace their sexual energy, but also to be six figure earning entrepreneurs from the comfort of their homes.

Our Mission

To legitimize sex work by empowering sex workers through education so that they not only succeed financially but to practice sex work in such a way that it is emotionally, physically, and spiritually revitalizing for not only sex workers and their clients, but for society at large.

Most importantly we teach people how to become HAPPY SEX WORKERS.
Sex workers ensure happiness for so many people, we deserve to be happy ourselves.

Our Team

Picture of Stephanie

Stephanie: Founder / CEO

Born in Texas, Stephanie Cathcart is an innovative entrepreneur who never takes no for an answer.
Stephanie studied Social Work at University of Texas with an emphasis on research.

Stephanie began researching sexual perversions and fetishes as a Phone Sex Operator. She researched and documented every caller for 3 years.
This research was later turned into the Total Lip Service Phone Sex 101 and Webcam 101 Course.

"I went to college to become a research professor however, when it was time to graduate I was not only making more than my research professor, I was also making more than our dean.
I loved my lifestyle as a virtual sex worker so I decided to stick with it. I feel so fortunate that I’ve never had use for a college degree."

Stephanie is also Co-Founder and COO of Cam Live7 a live cam site as well as President of SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Program) Miami Chapter.

Picture of Julien

Julien: COO / CTO

A driven entrepreneur from France, Julien is a new member to the Total Lip Service family.
This precisionist has always had a passion for E-commerce and Education.

In the past he has worked as a manager for a web agency and business consulting company. As well having been a CEO of a successful E-commerce company in France.

Julien took time off to travel the world and find a new passion.
After seeing the treacherous impact of the pandemic on in-person sex workers he wanted to use his business and technical expertise to assist people in becoming Virtual Sex Workers (VSW).

Julien is happy to be a part of TLS and looks forward to using his knowledge and years of experience to lead the company to new heights.

Picture of Naomi

Naomi: Administrative Assistant

Naomi has been on a transformational journey of self-love, spirituality, and sexploration, which she openly shares through her social media persona: Miss Sexplorer.

Her path to joining Total Lip Service came about while working at the former World Erotic Art Museum, where she was inspired by hearing CEO Stephanie Cathcart speak on our company’s development and impact for female entrepreneurs in the adult industry.

Naomi’s proud to bring her years of experience as a creative community builder in Miami, Florida to the team, and is excited to connect with everyone part of the TLS family!