About Us



Five years after becoming Virtual Sex Workers VSW (Phone Sex Operators (PSOs)/Cam Models) in college with numerous failed attempts at making any real significant money and learning from our huge mistakes, we had finally mastered the art of becoming extremely successful Virtual Sex Workers. 

The first 3 years were full of $70.00 per week checks and even lower bank accounts. And then our incomes had skyrocketed to six figures annually.  


Naturally our friends and family wanted to know how we were able to never be at work yet travel and shop at will. Once we told them what we did, they all wanted to learn the ropes. We started teaching them the ins and outs of becoming a professional PSO and/or Cam Model and were blown away by their success. That's how we knew we needed to share this with the world! 

And now here we are…

Total Lip Service – The World’s First Sex Work Academy

We have successfully trained over 1,000 Professional Phone Sex Operators and Cam Models since launching in December 2015. We created the World’s first Online Phone Sex 101 course – “How to Become a Phone Sex Operator.”  Since then we have implemented our Cam Model 101 Course as well.

We have changed many lives and we are still striving for the transformation of many more.
In late August 2018 Total Lip Service LLC moved into a cooperate office in DownTown Miami so that we can better serve or courageous clients. 
Our only desire to to be better servants to those who entrust us with their Virtual Sex Work Careers.
With all of our hearts we say thank you for believing in yourself- for without that belief we could not exist.
Much love- Total Lip Service Founders Cidney Green and Stephanie Cathcart