How we come to success

The Founders of Total Lip Service, Cidney Green and Stephanie Cathcart have been Virtual Sex Workers VSW (Phone Sex Operators (PSOs)/Cam Models) for over 7 years. Cidney was a 19 year old struggling college student when she applied online and was hired at her first PSO (phone sex operator) job. Soon after, she told Stephanie about it and she became a PSO as well. They loved it because it was flexible and allowed us to work at home. However, the company they worked for kept the majority of their earnings and they rarely received calls. As a PSO they were paid per minute so, not receiving calls meant little to no income. They later worked for another company which paid even less and had a reputation for being verbally abusive to the women that worked on the lines. Being tired of facing abuse and exploitation, (which is common in the adult industry) Stephanie and Cidney decided to work as independent operators, which was not easy. It took them years to master the skills of not only being a PSO but also learning the ends and outs of the business side of things. They later become Cam Models which Stephanie personally loved even more than being a phone sex operator. She was able to bring in money quicker and all the praise I was getting paid to receive really helped my self image. Stephanie started making six figures at the age of 23. 
It took both educating myself on the trade skills needed to become a successful cam model and phone sex operator and business development. However, I accredit my financial success to my inner growth and continuous personal development.” -Stephanie
Many of my friends wanted to know how I made so much in so little time with camming and phone sex, so I began teaching my skills one by one starting with my best-friend Cidney. Who was already a phone sex operator but not yet seeing the income she wanted to see. Once she hit six figures I knew my methods worked and together Cidney and I showed our friends how to become successful cam models and phone sex operators.” - Stephanie
December 2015, Cidney Green and Stephanie Cathcart launched Total Lip Service, The World's First Sex Work Academy. At the time they had no idea just how many people were looking for how to become cam models and phone sex operators. Since launching, Total Lip Service has empowered thousands men and women to not only embrace their sexual energy, but also to be entrepreneurs from the comfort of their homes.

Our Mission

 To legitimize sex work by empowering sex workers through education so that they not only succeed financially but to practice sex work in such a way that it is emotionally, physically, and spiritually revitalizing for not only sex workers and their clients, but for society at large. 

Most importantly we teach people how to become HAPPY SEX WORKERS. Sex workers ensure happiness for so many people, we deserve to be happy ourselves.

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Cathcart- Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Born in Texas, Stephanie Cathcart is an innovative entrepreneur who never takes no for an answer. Stephanie graduated in the top ten percent of University of Texas with a Master of Science in Social Research Degree. Stephanie’s began researching sexual perversions and fetishes as a Phone Sex Operator. She researched and documented every caller for 3 years. This research was later turned into the Total Lip Service Phone Sex 101 and Webcam 101 Course. “I went to college to become a research professor however, by the time I graduated I was not only making more than my research professor, I was also making more than our dean. I loved my lifestyle as a virtual sex worker so I decided to stick with it. I feel so fortunate that I’ve never had to use my degree.” Stephanie is also a Licensed Clinical Hypnotist with a NLP certification. 

Cidney Green- Co-Founder/ Chief of Marketing and Sales

Cidney green is an eccentric, fun loving, thought provoking social media influencer, with a passion for sexual liberation. With roots in Louisiana, Cidney got her social media start with Total Lip Service by being the first to go public as a phone sex operator. Her fame opened the gateway for many more projects including her famous Erotic Sleepovers which went viral within 24 hours of it’s launching. Cidney has been featured on BET, The Breakfast Club,The Oxygen Network, Daily Mail..just to name a few. Green opened the minds of over 20 million viewers with her well known video “Pussy Over Pain” where she speaks about the fears and shame around sex. “ The Museum of People let their children watch violent movies scenes but cover their eyes when a beautiful sex scene comes on the screen. Violence, even simply watching it causes stress chemicals to be released in the brain. Sex, however, is positive. We are all created from sex. Sex is the bases of not only human life, but all life.”-Pussy over Pain Cidney. The Museum of Sex In NYC hosted an event called "Pussy Over Pain" in honor of Cidney's video where Green was featured as a keynote speaker 

Melissa Fernández- Service Manager 

Melissa is a full stack web developer from Miami. Melissa joined Total Lip Service after being tired of sexual and racial discrimination in corporate America. “I joined TLS because I agree with the movement to liberate women, especially sex workers. I love building adult entertainment site much more than boring corporate sites. I believe TLS allows me to use my full creative ability” -Melissa
Melissa has over 5 years of web development experience and over 7 years customer service experience. 

Ava Novak - Administrative Assistant

Ava has over 12 years of administrative and customer service experience. Novak graduated from University of London with a Bachelor in Business Administration with Human Resource Management. “Growing up in Czech Republic, I’ve seen a lot of discrimination in the sex work industry. So many young women and girls get in terrible situations simply because they don’t know how to work for themselves in this industry. When I heard about TLS I immediately knew I had to be a part of their mission. I love the concept of teaching sex workers how to be legitimate business owners” -Ava