Become a cam model - Instant Program

Our Instant Cam Model Program includes:

  • Webcam 101 Course
  • Phone Sex 101 Course
  • Niteflirt Navigation Course
  • Instantly Downloadable Erotic Bio
  • Instantly Downloadable Niteflirt Template
  • Money Manifestation Video

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Below are detailed descriptions of each service included in this program

Cam Modeling 101 Course

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. With that being said, if you want to win big as a cam model you need to know your stuff.

Knowledge makes the difference between a cam model charging $1 a minute versus a cam model charging $3+ a minute.

Therefore the Cam Modeling 101 Course includes the Phone Sex 101 Course, as well as the following:

Clients pay anyway from 100-10,000 for taboo activities on cam.
Our Camgirl 101 Course teaches how to "fake" these taboo activities and still charge more for them.

Just like phone sex, there are fetishes unique to webcam alone. Our course breaks down each of these fetishes as well as how to act them out on cam.
Knowing the client's fetish makes the difference rather he stays in a private show with you for hours versus ending the show within a few minutes.

Show Time: The amount of time you keep the caller on a private show.
This is what it’s all about

The intricate techniques that the Cam Modeling 101 course will teach you, will knock your socks off!

Keep In Mind: The longer you hold them on a show the more money you will hold IN YOUR HANDS

We at Total Lip Service want you to be as successful as possible.
So we will not only train you to be a stellar Cam Model, we will get you set up on the top cam sites around today.

Most who create a profile on these sites never make a dime because they’re not designed for amateurs...they are designed for professionals.

Luckily for you, after this training you. You will be a top notch Cam Model Super Star...who has the tools to make it big on any site.

Webcam Modeling is a BUSINESS!
So, you are on the top sites and you are getting some shows. This is great but shows do not sustain you...Regulars do!

You must turn shows into clientele...Loyal, die-hard, addicted clientele!

That is how you make money that never stops supporting you. We will teach you the tricks of the trade on how to keep your money flowing LONG TERM.

Many people have this super wrong.
What you wear can make a difference in your show time, as well as how the client treats you overall.

Many Cam Models fail to realize that they are ACTING and PLAYING a character.

Many Cam Models think that being a cam girl is about being cute on camera and playing with themselves.
Many Cam Models think that being a cam girl is about being cute on camera and playing with themselves

Cam Models that know their niche will earn well above average. Our course will help you find your own special niche and charge top dollar for this niche.

Phone Sex 101 Course

The Phone Sex 101 Course is also the first part of the Cam Modeling 101 Course.

The information learned in the Phone Sex 101 Course is not repeated in the Cam Modeling 101 Course.
Therefore, you should look at the Phone Sex 101 Course as "Part 1" of the Cam Modeling 101 Course.

The Phone Sex 101 Course includes the following:

Many cam models leave money on the table by simply not knowing they too are playing a character.
Developing a character is just as important for cam models as it is for phone sex.

It not only allows you the opportunity for more streams of income. It also helps you keep your business and personal life separate which promotes greater financial and mental well being.

This section of the Phone Sex 101 Course teaches you about all the most common and profitable virtual fetishes. This section is further expanded upon in the Cam Modeling 101 Course.

It is important to know about these fetishes as well as how to talk about them with your future cam customers.

This module goes over the different types of personalities you will get as a Virtual Sex Worker.
Knowing these personality types will help you better engage with your customers.

When you can make a client feel truly connected to you and understood, they will keep coming back for more.

One way to keep a cam customer excited yet prevent him from ejaculating too soon (thus ending the show) is keeping him engaged in conversation.

The techniques discussed in the Phone Sex 101 Course will blow your mind and expand your wallet.

The best phone sex site for Phone Sex Operators is actually even more profitable for Webcam Models.

However, smart Virtual Sex Workers offer both cam and phone sex giving them both streams of income.
This section will allow you to join them by setting you up on the best site for both Phone Sex Operators and Cam Models.

The Instant Cam Model program also includes the following:

Niteflirt Navigation Course

You’ve probably already heard about how cam models are leaving live stream sites that keep the majority of their money and display them in chat rooms like showroom monkeys.

Which is why you are getting an Instant Cam Model program, so that you can work on Niteflirt where you aren’t required to show your face, or even get naked.
Also, where the customers are used to paying more. Where you will only do private shows, keeping your time and money.

However, you may have noticed that Niteflirt is intimidating to figure out and use at first.

Well, TLS is here to save you time and alleviate unnecessary stress.

Our Niteflirt Navigation course will take you from lost to a Niteflirt professional, utilizing all four streams of income Niteflirt has to offer. As well as being featured on the first page, which increases your chances of a high call volume.

Instantly Downloadable Erotic Bio

The quality of Cam Customer you get is directly linked to the quality of your erotic bio. Our erotic bios are written by professional writters that specialize in attracting the most profitable shows to your listing.

The Instant Cam Model program comes with a downloadable erotic bio of your chosing.
Our Cam Model Instant Bios are categorized by model niche and are only sold once.

Instantly Downloadable Niteflirt Template

Our Instant HTML templates are created by experts, trained to attract the right cam customers to your page.
Once you purchase the Instant Cam Model program you will be able to download your HTML template using the code provided in your Instant Cam Model Document.

Just download the template and add your pictures and your Instant Bio.
You may also make any customizations you see fit or reach out to us and we will be happy to make any customizations you desire.

Money Manifestation Video

What do 6 and 7 figure Cam Models charge per minute for shows?
This is probably what you’ve thought after reading the countless news articles about successful Cam Models.

This video will take you inside the mind of a well earning Cam Model teaching you how to manifest large sums of money easily with little to no effort.

Instant Cam Model Program

We have gotten so many emails and phone calls begging us for this and how its here!

This program is designed for the Cam Girl Diva who does not do waiting well. This is just like our Instant PSO program except it's all about becoming a Cam Girl.

All of the services are available to you immediately after purchase.
All you need is the TLS Diva Buck Certificate to our TLS STORE. This will allow you to chose and download:
Your Erotic Bio in our Erotic Bio Store
Your Layout in our Layout Store

You get your Diva Buck Certificate upon purchase along with our Instant Cam Document which includes: Access to our:
Phone Sex 101 Course, The Cam Girl 101, NF Navigation Video, Money Manifestation Video

Only $399.00
Buy it now ➜

Frequently asked questions

You are given 30 days to take the Phone Sex 101 Course & 45 days to take the Webcam 101 Course (The Webcam 101 Course is a combination of the Phone Sex 101 Course and The Webcam 101 Course

We will knock all extra services out within 7-10 business days.

Instant PSO Program VS. Custom PSO Program. Cidney Green does a great job breaking down the differences between the two! Check this out and make your decision from there

For custom bios and layouts yes you do!
They all come with forms for you to fill out with your preferences. I know you have the model store where I can pick my model.

This program takes 14-30 days to complete.