About Chloe

The one chocolate treat, you can never get enough of!

My name is Chloe and I’m a sexy, young, busty submissive ebony girl that can’t seem to get enough of older white cock. I stumbled my way into becoming a phone sex operator and clip maker and found it to be a fun outlet to express my sexual fantasies. It was also a great way to discover kinks I didn’t realize I had. I’m a very sweet, submissive ebony girl that takes great pleasure in pleasing and being attentive to my partner.

I love Doms, especially Daddy’s. A majority of the callers that have the most fun with me are either Dominants, Daddy Doms, or regular guys that love to add a little bit of kink in the bedroom. Whether we’re roleplaying with me as your naughty secretary or you’re calling me you’re, “Sweet Big Tit Princess”, you’ll always hang up the phone with a smile.


 So, what does this sexy young ebony like?

I’m into DDLG and love being a submissive little slut for my Daddy/Master. I love thick creampies and breeding/ impregnation fantasies. Sexy blow jobs and oral servitude. my body being used for my Daddy/Master’s pleasure, whether I’m sucking your cock or a few of your friends. Role playing is always a favorite and nipple play always turns me on. Aside from those, I can only imagine some other things I have yet to discover. I’m 5’3, 23 years old and my Zodiac is Cancer. I love older movies and I watch Shawshank Redemption and the original “IT” at least once a month. Sex is supposed to be fun and erotic. It’s supposed to elevate your mind and body to feelings and sensations sooo overwhelming it consumes you with waves of pleasure. That’s what sex is for me and whenever you have a little bit of Chloe, you’ll feel the same way. So whether you want some naughty fun or just a little comfort, shoot me a message or grab a sexy goodie.

XO Chloe