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Introducing the TLS Instant Cam Girl Diva Package We have gotten so many emails and phone calls begging us for this and how its here! This package is designed for
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Here is what it includes:

  • Cam Girl 101 Course
  •  Phone Sex 101 Course. 

  • Your very own Instant Bio. 
  • Your Own Instant Layout. 
  • NiteFlirt Navigation Tutorial
  •  Money Manifestation Video

More About The Services Included in The Instant Camgirl Package

Cam Girl 101 Course

Learn how to charge for taboo activities... without actually doing them
Be taught about specific webcam fetishes
Show Time Techniques:
Set You Up On the Best Cam Sites
How to Build and Keep a Loyal Clientele:
What to Wear?
Learn your webcam niche

Phone Sex 101 Course

Will leave you feeling informed, confident, and enlightened.
The “Total Lip Service” Phone Sex training is not designed for those who want to take the long road to mediocre success. It is designed for self-starters who are ready to dive in deep and win big sooner rather than later!l

Character Development:
Caller Type Explanation:
Call Time Explanation
Set You Up on The Best Phone Sex Sites
How to build and keep a loya l clientale

Custom Phone Sex Bio

This is just as important as your NiteFlirt Template (See Custom Layout Service)
After purchase, we will use the information provided in your erotic bio form to create an irresistible phone sex bio for your character.
This is a very strategic ordeal and 100% tailored to you. We work closely with you to create a unique bio that is based on your model, niche and personality. 
The Webcam Customers look for keywords and phrases when trying to decide which Phone Sex Operator (PSO) to call.
This is no task for amateurs. You need an erotic writer who has been trained to bring potential phone sex customers to action.
*This includes a very helpful video to assist you in filling out your Bio Form. Purchase, Watch, fill the form and we will handle the rest!

Custom HTML LAyout 

We cannot stress enough how VITAL your Layout is to your success!!
Some sites do not allow or require you to create your own profile! However, most DO!
We specialize in making your profile stand out from the rest!
You must ask yourself…
How do cam site users decide who they want to talk to?
They look at your profile! They check out your layout and they r read your bio and make sure it all matches the girl in the photos. This is all they have to go on! Your profile is a direct reflection OF YOU! And you want it to draw in the best clientele possible!
That is what this is all about! Building that clientele and racking in the big bucks. Dealing with pesky HTML codes can be a tedious time consuming task. You don’t need to worry your pretty little head with all that. Let us knock it out for you.
We will build you a custom layout with all the bells and whistles you want…or DON’T want for an unbeatable price!


Let’s face it. Many girls get on NiteFlirt and find themselves... lost. When you are lost, it usually affects your money as a cam girl. This 40 minute video will show you the ins and outs of this very profitable site. And we do mean profitable! Let us share a little secret with you…there are several ways to make money on NiteFlirt in addition to taking shows! This brief video will not only save you time...but make you money now vs later.

You will receive an email with an invite to the course as soon as you purchase.

 *This includes a very helpful video to assist you in filling out your Bio Form. Purchase, Watch, fill the form and we will handle the rest!


We firmly believe in working harder on yourself than you do on your business. So with that being said, we want to give you the gift that keeps on giving. We are offering you the in-depth Money Manifestation Video by our dear friend, Cidney Green, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!!
Now, this life changing video was originally intended for Diva Package members only, but we have decided to extend it to anyone who has ever taken our Phone Sex 101 course. That’s right! If you have ever taken the Phone Sex 101 course, you are eligible to receive this life-changing Money Manifestation Video, taught by Cidney “Total Liberation” Green, co-CEO of Total Lip Service.
Yes, That means YOU will have the opportunity to look inside the mind of a 6-figure earning PSO and Serial Entrepreneur!



Cam Girl

I've been a cam girl for years and bought the Instant Cam Girl package to work independently on sites like Niteflirt and on my own. The package was easy to complete and I was working in no time.  


Cam Girl

I bought the instant cam package. I'm not tech savvy but I got my daughter to help me with it and it was very easy for her. I wanted help finding my niche so I also order a niche consultation with Stephanie and it was EVERYTHING! I thank God for these ladies because I'm finally able to save for a house and new car. 


We have gotten so many emails and phone calls begging us for this and how its here! This package is designed for the Cam Girl Diva who does not do waiting well. This is just like our custom Instant Diva Package except it's all about being a Cam Girl!
All of the following services are available to you immediately after purchase. All you need is the TLS Diva Buck Certificate to our TLS STORE. This will allow you to shop for:
Your Erotic Bio in our Erotic Bio Store
Your Layout in our Layout Store
A $80.00 value!
You get your Diva Buck Certificate upon purchase along with our Instant Diva Document which includes:
Access to our:
Phone Sex 101 Course, The Cam Girl 101, NF Navigation Video, Money Manifestation Video


Frequently Asked Question

How do I become a Phone Sex Operator?
How soon will I get my custom bio or any other custom extra services?
Which Diva Package is the best for me?
Will I get a say-so in my erotic bio or layout?
How long does the Custom Diva Package take to complete?

6 Month Money Back Guarantee

 If you can prove to us you have done EVERYTHING we suggested and have not made double what you paid for the course in 6 months time, we will issue a full refund.