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50% OFF: Use BUYBLACK at checkout

 Payment Plan Options 

“When you Ask, it is always Given”- Abraham Hicks
That is a fact. Especially when it comes to our most exciting option for investing in your freedom.
Though our Famous Diva Packages are more than reasonably priced, we do understand that lump sums can be challenging to come up with all at once. What if it was a way to split up your investment payments... while still getting your Diva Package Process in motion?

Well...you have begged and pleaded...and now it has finally arrived-
Introducing...The Diva Package Payment Plan!

We are so excited because now ANYONE can get make money moves... at their own pace.

Once you invest your down payment, you can pay the rest of your Diva Package off at the frequency and duration of your choice. The best part is- with every installment- we deliver a part of your Diva Package.
This is how it works:

You have Important decisions to make:

1. Down-payment- In order to participate in your payment plan you must invest a down payment. The fun part is, you get to choose the amount! It must be 20%-40% of the package amount.

2. Duration- How long do you need to pay off the full balance? You can choose a duration of 2-8 weeks *Keep in mind you will not get the final pieces of your package until the full balance is paid. EX: If you want to have your package completed and start making money in 3 weeks - the duration needs to be 3 weeks.

3.Frequency- How often you would like to make a payment? *Keep in mind you will get each service when a payment is made.

EX: If you want to complete a step every week the frequency chosen needs to be every week  Example: Sally wants the Custom Diva Package for $599.99. She only has $150 now. She wants the Custom Diva Package completed in one month. Sally gets paid( from the day job she’s soon escaping) every week, so she knows she can make a payment every week. She will choose a down payment of $150, a duration of 4 weeks and a frequency of one week. So it would look like the screenshot below.

Let’s Break this Down Even More=)

Let's say you chose the options of 4 installment payments. It would go something like this...

Step 1 Once you sign up for your payment plan you will begin your Custom Diva Package process. When you make your down-payment, you will receive a promo code for your
Phone Sex 101 Course. (This is not yet an automated process. Each step is manual on our end. So, please give our staff 24-72 business hours AFTER you have made a payment to deliver the codes/ things needed for you to move forward.) You will complete your Phone Sex 101 Course.

Step 2 After you make your first payment we will send you the steps for completing your voice report and getting your model.

Step 3 After you make your second payment you will get your custom bio form and get your custom bio delivered.

Step 4 After you make your 3rd payment you will get a promo code for Niteflirt Navigation Course

Step 5 After you make your 4th payment or final payment you will get your layout and money manifestation video.

See how easy this all is? Now we have knocked out any and all excuses. Get Started NOW!

Oh yea, this is payment plan is on a beta testing basis only so this means it could go away at any moment. ( Don't fret, If you have an active plan going it will be completed.) We just want you to know that this is a trail and only so many payment plans will be offered. So get em while you can!

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