PSO / Cam Company Services

Adult Company Services

PSOs charge $2+ per minute and cam models charge $4+ per minute.and if you’re wondering how much a company could make keeping a percentage of that times 10+ plus’re in the right place.
Whether you want to join a billion dollar industry by creating your own Phone Sex / Cam Site, just searching for adult content, or looking to advertise for talent... Total Lip Service can service your business needs.

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Need Talent? Advertise With Us!

  • We offer email blast to our subscribers starting at just $149.99 per email.
  • We offer blog post on our website starting at $299.99 per month.
  • We offer post in our MeWe group for $50 per post.
  • Have your own sign up page on our website for $299.99 per month
  • Please inquire for a combination of services.
  • Please inquire about your website being featured in one of our courses.
  • Please inquire about custom courses.
  • Have an affiliate program or want to become an affiliate? Please reach out to us!
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