Get PAID to Refer Your Friends

Simply click the link below to become an affiliate

Fill out form and register as an affiliate

You will receive an affiliate link

Give the link to your friends.

They MUST use YOUR link in order for YOU to get the commission.

We cannot honor it otherwise.


Commissions: Our standard commission is %10 of total sales. 

***Once you sale 5 Diva Packages (of any kind) or reach it's monetary equivalent your commission will move up to 20%!

In order to keep that commission you must continue to hit that mark. If you do not for 2 consecutive months your commission with drop back down to 10%. Do not worry, you can always regain your 20% commission!



You can track your earnings by logging into your account with refersion.


Payments will be sent to you via cashapp anytime between the 10th-25th of each month. 


*All information listed above is subject to change at anytime*