Six Figure Sex Worker Mastery Program

We have been in business for almost 2 years now. We have witnessed some mind blowing success stories. (The kind of victories that get you a little teary eyed if you know what I mean.) People have gone from disability checks to daily direct deposits, from food stamps to stamps on passports - it has been beyond rewarding to see people's lives change so drastically.  

According to the Tax Reports 2016, our highest income earner hit about $80,000.00 for the year. She had quite a few friends in her neck of the woods. We are not trying to sound too much like Divas here but we started TLS with the intention of creating some Six Figure Earners. Six figures is $100,000.00 and above. That means that $80,000.00 just won’t cut it! 

The CEOs of Total Lip Service Cidney Green and Stephanie Cathcart had to dig deep into what got them to that income with sex work.

“For me a major part of staying focused and encouraged was having Stephanie there with me, in the same industry helping me through it.” Said Cidney G. 

“That was a big part for me as well.” Stephanie added. “Having a sisterhood really was huge. That along with daily personal development of course.”

As you know,TLS is really a personal development company posing as a Sex Work Academy. We feel so strongly about personal growth because it's the only thing that gets the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. 

Napoleon Hill, the legendary author of “Think and Grow Rich” strongly believed in a Mastermind Group. This is when two or more people with like minds join together to achieve a common goal. 

Well, Ladies and Gents- We have created just that:

Total Lip Service invites you to the Six Figure Sex Worker Mastery Program.

This program is specifically for those who got into this industry (or aspire to) with the determination to join to top 5%.

“If you want to win in this business there are a few things you must do” says Cidney. “You must read at least one book per month, speak affirmations daily, surround yourself with people who are where you want to be and/or are going where you are headed, listen to some kind of personal development audio every single day and write in your journal.These things make it possible for me to think and dream like a winner.”

We have used this formula to create the most dynamic Mastermind group on the planet.

For a small monthly fee you will receive:

Access to our TLS Six Figure Forum with other Ambitions Sex Workers:

You can ask anything you want and get real time feedback from fellow Sex Workers from various sites and backgrounds.The best part is all of you will have the exact same goal in mind: becoming financially free as a Sex Worker. We cannot explain how valuable this is.Being in the environment is skyrocket your income tremendously because positive energy is contagious! 

One  E-Book Per Month:

You don’t have to go wondering which books are the best and where to find them! We got you covered! Each month we will give you access to an amazing Electronic Book for you to read. You can discuss the book of the month in the forums. This will not only make sure your reading habits are matching your aspirations but it will ensure that you are not reprogramming your mind alone. There is something irreplaceable actually about reading a book with your eyes. It changes your life with the quickness. You can treat this like your own Sex Work Book Club!

One Inspiration Audiobook Per Month:

Junk in Junk out. Wealth in wealth out.  We have collected some of the most powerful audio books just for you. With your subscription you get access to an audiobook hand selected by the CEOs of TLS. Like the E-Book, you can start a discussion about the audio book in the forum to help each other stay on track. 

Daily Positive Affirmations:

We all need to be reminded every single day of how great we are and what’s possible for us. Affirmations have been know to work magic in people's lives. So each and every day we will send you a new affirmation to your email! We recommend that you allow your affirmation to be the theme of your day. 

Monthly Sex Work Skill Enhancement Videos from TLS CEO’s:

Here at TLS we believe in heavily mixing Personal Development with massive action. That’s the only way to make a lasting change in our lives. So each month we will dive deep into a sex work

skill that you can apply right away! It can be anything from  “How to be a better dominatrix” or “How to handle a blackmail customer” or “What to do during the slow season”. We want to give you real tools you can use to bring in more cash. This is such a great feature and we can't wait for you to see what we have prepared or you! Oh yea this also comes with a corresponding blog!

When you enroll for just $14.99 per month you will see a drastic increase in your income.

But you have to do more than just enroll, you must commit! 

We know you are ready now to take the first step: Enroll now and start your now life today.

“This sounds lovely. But I am not working on the same site as you guys. In fact, I am not even a Sex Worker at all yet. I am just curious about it. Can I still enroll in the Six Figure Sex Worker Mastery Program?”

Yep! We get emails from sex workers from all stages and sites!

So even if you have never done this before or are not a current client of ours, you are still welcomed to join the TLS family!

 Enroll here today to get started now.

Be Sure To Check Your Email After Purchasing!!!

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"Your Subscription to Six Figure Sex Work Mastery Program

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