Become a cam model - Custom Program

Our Custom Cam Model Program includes:

  • Webcam 101 Course
  • Phone Sex 101 Course
  • Niteflirt Navigation Course
  • One On One Niche Consultation
  • Custom Erotic Bio
  • Custom Niteflirt Template
  • Money Manifestation Video

Only $ 649.99

The Custom Cam Model Program is an all inclusive program which includes all of the following:

Cam Girl learning the 101 Course

Cam Modeling 101 Course

The Cam Modeling 101 Course is a combination course which includes both the Phone Sex 101 and Cam Modeling 101.
So you basically get a two for one with this course.

Our Cam Modeling 101 graduates charge $1-$4 more per minute than the average, simply because they know the pertinent information given in this course.

Learn how to join the Cam Model elite. Charging top dollar, doing only private shows, and not having to show your face nor take off clothes if you don’t want to.

Customers with taboo fantasies are willing to pay up to $10,000+ to see their taboo fantasy acted out on webcam.

The Cam Modeling 101 Course teaches you how to charge top dollar for taboo scenarios without actually having to do it.

As stated previously this course includes both the Phone Sex 101 Course and the Cam Modeling 101 Course as a continuation.

The Phone Sex 101 Course goes over the fetishes and the man behind the fetish. As well as how to act it out via phone.

The Cam Modeling 101 Course teaches you how to act out these profitable fetishes via webcam. As well as fetishes unique to cam.

Mastering the art of long show times is crucial for your income success as a Cam Model.

After you learn our show time techniques you will be able to hold customers on a show for hours on end.

Our Cam Modeling 101 graduates charge from $3-$10 a minute...You do the math.

The Cam Industry has thousands of Cam sites to choose from.
However, you’re probably looking for the sites that you can earn the most money in the least amount of time. As well as a site with elite clientele who are willing to pay more, yet ask for less.

Well there are a few out there and we will teach you all about them as well as teach you how to sign up.

Shows bring in your money but clientele brings in stability.
We will teach you how to build a loyal, die-hard clientele.
Keeping your money flowing even when the world’s at a standstill.

What you wear on a show dictates the clients you attract, as well as how soon they climax...therefore end a show.

We will teach you exactly what to wear to not only attract your ideal clients but also how to keep the client engaged for longer amounts of time.

Knowing the right niche for your particular look makes the difference between charging $1 per minute and charging $4 per minute.

Our Cam Model 101 Course teaches you how to find and profit from your special niche. Regardless of your look, there’s a profitable place in the cam industry for you.

Phone Sex Operator 101 Course

Phone Sex 101 Course

What’s the surest way to connect so well with a customer that he becomes a loyal regular?

To make it big in the camming industry it takes more than simply stripping and playing with yourself on cam.
It takes a well versed understanding of the customers as well as being able to form a connection that keeps them engaged and excited, yet keeps them from cumming and hanging up too soon.

Which is why the Phone Sex 101 Course is pertinant to your success as a cam model.

Many cam models make the grave mistake of not realizing they too are playing a character. Causing them to not monopolize on their particular look.

Knowing how to develop a character will not only land you more money with cam but will also help keep your identity safe.

All fetishes discussed in the Phone Sex 101 also pertain to camming.
Knowledge of these high paying fetishes will help you attract high paying clientele.

This section goes over the most profitable fetishes as well as teaches you how to recognize when a client is wanting a particular thing, without them coming right out and telling you.

The Cam Modeling 101 Course goes over this in greater detail as it relates to webcam customers.
However, this section lays the groundwork for understanding the different personality types in the Virtual Sex Work industry.

We break the common personality traits down in categories.
Knowledge of these categories will help you connect with the customer, leading to fewer hangups and more hour long shows.

In a private show, every minute is more money in your pocket.
Whether you are teasing or talking, you are still getting your $3+ a minute.

Therefore, learning how to make a conversation last longer is pertinant whether you are doing webcam or phone sex or both.

Many sites allow you to offer both webcam and phone sex.
Wise Webcam Models typically offer both which gives them more money and flexibility. Allowing them to make money even when they aren’t available for cam or simply don’t feel like being on camera.

We will set you up on a site for phone sex which also happens to be the most profitable site for webcam models to work on.

Niteflirt Navigation Course

Niteflirt Navigation Course

If you’re already a cam model or just getting started you probably are most interested in the Custom Cam Program because you’re tired of being in live stream chat rooms making tokens that ultimately add up to nickels and dimes.
Or maybe you’re tired of working tirelessly getting customers to sign up for your subscription sites.
You probably heard about how Cam Models are making more money on Niteflirt while only doing private shows.

Well, it's true. Niteflirt is a lot easier, the customers are willing to pay more and you are required to do less.
However, Niteflirt isn’t an easy nut to crack.

Yes, it's easier after you figure out all the ways to have your listing seen and to make money but this takes time and you want to make money on Niteflirt sooner than later.

Well, our 40 minute Niteflirt course will save you hours and hours of time trying to figure out how to make money with Niteflirt.
It teaches you how to be seen on the first few pages as well as how to sell goodies bags, paid messages and much more.

Voice Reporting

One On One Niche Consultation

As you know Cam Models with niches make 3 to 10 times more than the average Cam Model.

You may be thinking your look doesn’t fall into a niche, or your look won’t work for Cam Modeling at all.
Well you’re wrong!

With our Cam Model Niche consultation you will get a chance to speak 1 on 1 with Stephanie, our very own Co-Founder and 6 figure earning Cam Model.

Using her expertise and unbiased view, she will help you find the most profitable niche for your look and personality.
As well as guide you on taking pictures for your profile that will attract the high paying clientele you are looking for.

Girl Writing Erotic Bio

Custom Erotic Bio

Many Cam Models love their job but complain about the type of clientele they get.

Say goodbye to 3 minute cam shows or guys trying to get a "free preview" because Total Lip Service is here to help.

Our Cam Model Bios are written in a way that let’s the big spenders know you’re worth their time and money.
Our writing experts will use your bio form to create a bio that sells profitable shows with the clients you deserve.

Niteflirt HTML Custom template

Custom Niteflirt Template

As you may have noticed with most major cam sites you must use HTML coding in order to make your listing stand out from the rest.
On Niteflirt, it's pretty much impossible to make any changes to your profile page without HTML coding.

If you’re like most Cam Models you are probably thinking you should be learning how to be a successful Cam Model, not learning HTML coding.
Well, we believe you are right. Leave those pesky HTML codes to the experts.

Our specialists will create an eye catching template that is ensured to bring cam customers to action.

Money Manifestation

Money Manifestation Video

You have probably heard of Cam Models making 6 and even 7 figures.
When you sit to do the math the time and dollars just don’t add up. How do they do it when there's not enough time in the day to make 7 figures unless you are charging thousands of dollars a minute.

It’s all about mastering oneself by learning the skill of easy money manifestation.

In this video we will teach you how to manifest large lump sums with Cam Modeling...effortlessly.

Custom Cam Model Program

It’s no secret that people can earn big bucks by being a Cam Model.
However, many cam models sign up only to realize that they are showing a lot and spending a lot of time camming without seeing the glorious income they heard so much about.

The Custom Cam Model program includes everything you need to earn 6 and 7 figures doing webcam.

Doing private cam shows only. Regardless of your weight, look or ethnicity. We will teach you how to win the big bucks in easier ways than you thought possible.

Only $ 649.99

Frequently asked questions

You are given 30 days to take the Phone Sex 101 Course & 45 days to take the Webcam 101 Course (The Webcam 101 Course is a combination of the Phone Sex 101 Course and The Webcam 101 Course

We will knock all extra services out within 7-10 business days.

For custom bios and layouts yes you do!
They all come with forms for you to fill out with your preferences. I know you have the model store where I can pick my model.

This program takes 14-30 days to complete.