Total Lip Service

We are introducing Total Lip Service Cam Girl Diva PackageLet's start with the incredible benefits Cam Girl TrainingCamming can be extremely lucrative for ANYONE looking to make some serious income. We know many people think that webcamming is for a “certain type” of body type, however in the camming industry there is a place for everyone and every shape...Stephanie Cathcart the Co-CEO of Total Lip Service has earned thousands of dollars per day as a Cam Girl.She worked so hard to create the most amazing and beneficial Cam Girl training out there. We are certain that if you take this training and do it says a brand new cam girl can make $4,000 PLUS a week easily.( We are not making any income guarantees).With this Cam Girl training you will:

  • Learn how to charge for taboo activities... without actually doing them
  • Be taught about specific webcam fetishes
  • Learn how to make $4,000.00 a week
  • Learn what wear and what not to wear (many women have this super wrong)
  • How to a get hour long show times
  • Learn your Cam Girl niche (many women fall especially with webcam that they are still ACTING and PLAYING a character.)
  • Learn how to find your “character type” (how to use what you thought were flaws as your money makers. There is a wealthy place for ALL shapes and sizes the Webcam World.)
  • This course is a combination course including both Phone Sex 101 and Webcam Modeling 101. If you have already completed the Phone Sex 101, you will need to retake this course before becoming a webcam model. If you have not taken the Phone Sex 101, you will also need to take both courses.

Webcam modeling includes ALL of the phone sex fetishes and other information, therefore the information was not repeated in the Camgirl 101 course. The Cam Girl 101 course is simply a continuation of the Phone Sex 101 information as it relates to webcamming. Only information specific to webcam is included in the Cam Girl 101 course.

You will have 45 days to complete BOTH courses.“This sounds amazing! I’m sold! Now what do I need to become a Cam Girl Diva??”Glad you asked! Our Cam Girl Diva Package will set you up for success just like our Custom and Instant Phone Sex Diva Package do!

When you invest in our Cam Girl Diva Package you get:

  • BOTH the Phone Sex 101 and Cam Girl Trainings
  • A FREE 30 min consultation with a Cam Girl Expert to help you choose the most lucrative character type and niche for you
  • Your very own CUSTOM Bio
  • A stellar layout designed just for you.
  • The Navigation Video of the best Cam site on the net
  • The Famous Money Manifestation Video
  • Access to your super supportive FaceBook group

This deal is the absolute BEST deal in TLS History. Just think: Because you are getting BOTH the Phone Sex 101 and the Cam Girl Training you will have BOTH skill sets...with means DOUBLE the MONEY!Don't wait. Invest in the Cam Girl Diva Package Now!

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