Counseling, Tarot Readings, Hypnosis, Life Coaching and More

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Ever feel like traditional counselors and life coaches don’t exactly “get you”. No matter how well meaning, traditional mental and spiritual health professionals simply don’t have the experience and knowledge to properly guide those that do not fit in society’s typical boxes. Total Lip Service is here to guide you in a way the only an experienced sex worker can. 

You Can Choose From the Following Session Types: 



Manifestation Coaching

Life Purpose and Business Coaching

Tarot Card Readings on Love, Career, Life, and Mental Health (Includes advice, counseling and encouragement) 


Stephanie Cathcart, our CEO started earning six figures as a phone sex operator about 10 years ago while studying Social Work at the University of Texas in Arlington. Being a phone sex operator and cam model has allowed her the finances and freedom to travel and live around the world. As the founder and CEO of Total Lip Service she has coached thousands of virtual sex workers on topics of money, love, family, retirement, and much more. Stephanie is a clairsentient medium who is a certified hypnotist, licensed counselor, certified life coach and certified tarot card reader. She has also practiced Nichiren Buddhism for over 13 years. 

Who is this For

Anyone can benefit from these sessions though they are especially for both new and professional phone sex operators, cam models, exotic dancers, adult film stars, Onlyfans models, escorts, sluts, LGBTQ and those with alternative lifestyles. 

Topic Specialites

  • Beginning a career in the adult industry  

  • Dating and Relationships as a adult industry worker

  • Money Manifestation

  • Love and Relationship Manifestation

  • End procrastination, negative self talk and perfectionism

  • Self love and compassion

  • Financial, personal and business planning 

  • Loved ones don’t approve of chosen career or life path

  • Retirement plan/Passive income Planning

  • And More!