Automatic Instant Launch Kit

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 As you know TOP performing PSO’s need at least 3 working girls on NF at once to sustain their income. Well, are here to help with that.

 As stated above, if you are being offered this amazing deal; you have already taken the Phone Sex 101 and the NF Nav. (If you have not purchased the NF Nav then we highly recommend that you do.)

 So when it is time to launch a new girl all you need is a new Model, Bio and Layout aka a Launch Kit.

 We are offering you the opportunity purchase these Launch Kits for the lowest price in TLS History.

Just $49.99


Thats right!


To launch a new girl costs $80.00

But we are offering this to you for only $49.99


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We are throwing in a 100% FREE year long subscription to our Six Figure Sex Worker Mastery Program . This will help you increase your money BIG TIME!


This is how it works:



You can use this to go and purchase your

New Model

New Bio

New Layout from our TLS stores.