Valentines Day Launch Kit Special (Kit#2) FREE Rev IKE Prosperity MIXTAPE

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Hello Divas!


We really love and appreciate all of you. This is why we have developed a very special gift exclusively for TLS Divas only.


*Yes, we really mean only for you. Our system will not allow anyone but current TLS Divas (those who have taken the Phone Sex 101 Course) to take advantage of this deal.*


Lets dig in!


As you know TOP performing PSO’s need at least 3 working girls on NF at once to sustain their income. Well, are here to help with that.


As stated above, if you are being offered this amazing deal; you have already taken the Phone Sex 101 and the NF Nav. (If you have not purchased the NF Nav then we highly recommend that you do.)


So when it is time to launch a new girl all you need is a new Model, Bio and Layout aka a Launch Kit.


We are offering you the opportunity purchase these Launch Kits for the lowest price in TLS History.

Just $99.00


Thats right!


To launch a new girl costs $130.00-$300.00

But we are offering this to you for only $99.00


To make the deal even sweeter:


We are throwing in a 100% FREE and Original Phone Sex Prosperity Guided Meditation. This will help you increase your money BIG TIME!


This is how it works:


You purchase a promo-code with the value of $130.00...but you only pay $99.00 for it!


You can use this to go and purchase your

New Model

New Bio

New Layout from our TLS stores.


This Launch Kit Valentines Day Special Ends on

February 15 th 2017 at 8:55PM EST!


“But what if I want to purchase several Launch Kits?”


Well to keep it fair for everyone. We only can allow 3 Valentine Launch Kits per person. These have been separated on the site as:


“Launch Kit 1” 

“Launch Kit 2” (This is Kit #2)

“Launch Kit 3”


Each Kit has a different promo code. Each code can only be used once per customer.


But even more amazingly:


EACH Kit has a Different BONUS!


Launch Kit 1:

FREE Guided Prosperity Meditation.

The soothing relaxing 100% original 30-min meditation with ease your mind around phone sex money.

Complete with visualizations and breathing techniques, this will most definitely help increase your income and overall attitude about phone sex and the money that is available to you.  


Launch Kit 2: (This is Kit #2)

Exclusive Rev Ike Money Mixtape.

This comes with 3 Songs with the Legendary Wealth Mindset Coach Rev Ike laying down the money laws over Reggae beats and other upbeat tunes. This is great for everyday programming  and really gets you in the spirit of Money Making. This is an all time favorite of both Cidney and Stephanie.


Launch Kit 3:

The “Rich Bitch Rampage” by Cidney Green.

Remove all blockages when it comes to money by diving into the Powerful Passionate Ramage by the one and only Cidney G.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate this as much as we enjoy and appreciate you!