Webcam Modeling 101 Course

Looking for how to become a Webcam Model?

Let's start with the incredible benefits Webcam Modeling 101 Course.

Camming can be extremely lucrative for ANYONE looking to make some serious income.
We know many people think that webcamming is for a "certain type" of body type, however in the camming industry there is a place for everyone and every shape...

Stephanie Cathcart the Co-CEO of Total Lip Service has earned thousands of dollars per day as a Webcam Model.

She worked so hard to create the most amazing and beneficial webcam training out there. We are certain that even if you’re a brand new cam model, if you take this training and do what it says you can make an easy $2,500.00+ a week.

Phone sex and camming have a lot of common customers. Thus, like information is not repeated in the Webcam Modeling 101 Course.
Therefore the Webcam Modeling 101 Course is a combination couse which includes BOTH the Phone Sex 101 Course and the Webcam Modeling 101 Course.

Only $ 199.99 $ 249.99

Cam Model Training Curriculum

Learn How to Charge for Taboo Activities….Without Actually Doing Them

Cam customers pay $100-$10,000+ for models to perform taboo activities. But who really wants to drink their own pee for $5000 when they can drink lemon juice and make the same?

Yes, we teach you how to fake it!

The Webcam Modeling 101 Course teaches you the skills necessary to charge more and do less.

Fetishes and Show Types

An average Webcam Model charges about .50-$2 a minute for a private show.
However, a Cam Model that really knows about fetishes and different show types can charge upwards of $3+ a minute.

As stated above this course is a combination course which includes the Phone Sex 101 and the Webcam Modeling 101 Course as a continuation.

Many phone sex fetishes are the same as webcam fetishes only they are acted out differently.

The Webcam Modeling 101 Course teaches you how to playout every scenario and fetish via webcam.

Show Time Technique

Show Time- the length of time you can hold a viewer on a show.

The Cam Model 101 Course teaches you about a different side of the cam industry aside from the live stream sites.
It teaches you how to earn more doing private shows only.
These shows are paid per minute, meaning the longer your shows are the more money you earn.
Learning how to keep a cam customer on a show for longer periods of time is your bread and butter in the camming industry.

Set You Up on The Best Camming Sites

There are so many cam sites to choose from.
Things you should be asking is how much money do you keep versus what the customer is paying?

Is it live stream or just private shows? How is the traffic?

Will the clientele be discreet, elite men who're willing to pay more and give less hassle?
Or is it full of young people trying to get a free peep show?

Our Webcam Modeling 101 Course answers all of these questions as well as show you how to set up on the best sites.

How to Build and Keep a Loyal Clientele

Webcam Modeling is a business.

So you are on the best cam sites and getting lots of shows. However, shows will not sustain you. Regulars will.

The Webcam Modeling course will teach you how to turn viewers into clientele. Addicted, high paying, elite clientele.

What to Wear

Many cam models don’t earn what they could simply because they get this wrong.
Their misunderstanding of what the clients are wanting causes them to make the wrong outfit choices.

The Webcam Modeling 101 Course will go over exactly what to wear that will attract attention without causing him to climax before your income does.

Learn Your Webcam Niche

A billion dollar industry yet so many Cam Models are making next to nothing. Webcam Modeling is more than just modeling...its acting.

One of the biggest mistakes for Cam Models is not knowing that they, like Phone Sex Operators are playing a character. A character with a niche.

Cam Models with niches are able to charge $1-$4 more per minute than an average Cam Model.

This course teaches you how to not only find your niche (based on your look and personality) but also how to charge top dollar for your specific niche.

Webcam Modeling 101 Course

Only $ 199.99 $ 249.99