Kirin Woman Home Alone (Hispanic/ Ethnic)

Total Lip Service

This model is ideal for the following niches/characters:

Niche: Ethnic (Hispanic)

Character Type Ethnic: Woman Home Alone Domme

These models will attract clients who are into:

BBC, Latina superior woman forced intoxication, tease and denial, cuckold, public domination, public humiliation (of caller)

Character Type Ethnic: Woman Home Alone Submissive

These models will attract clients who are into:

race-play, taboo submission, white superiority

Character Type Ethnic Anything goes

These models will attract clients who are into:

all fetishes

She comes with ONE photo set(s)  


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  • The models are legal.
  • We cannot guarantee that other Phone Sex Operators (PSO) are not using your model. It is 100% up to you to check the site to ensure no one is actively using your chosen model. We are not responsible in anyway if this occurs.
  • We cannot guarantee your model is not a former or active porn star. (This is a part of the business and is not a big hairy deal.) Lots of girls make plenty of money with a porn star for a model. We recommend searching her name. Make sure she is not a huge star. If she is, you can still use her - just be sure you do your research and have your story straight. 
  • We have a strict NO REFUND policy. 
  • The models can be resold to anyone at any time.  
  • All of the above apply for videos as well as photos
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